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Vintage Hermes Silk Scarf "Wedgwood" #2



The Hermes Silk Scarf 'Wedgwood,' designed by Philippe Ledoux, was first issued in 1974.

Drawing inspiration from Wedgwood's neo-classical ornamentation, an iconic style since the eighteenth century, Monsieur Ledoux encapsulates several scenes in the style of framed plaques. Staying true to Hermes' heritage as a renowned 'sellier' house, each scene incorporates an equestrian element. The central motif is a picturesque horse-drawn carriage, cleverly paying homage to the Hermès logo.

This scarf was issued in various colorways, and the one listed here showcases a lovely combination of deep green and rich gold.

Made in France and Silk 100%. 

Dimensions : 90 cm x 90 cm