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  • Intaglio Ring
  • Intaglio Ring

Intaglio Ring


An in-house design, this ring is as stunning as it gets. A blue grey chalcedony carved with the image of your design. Set in 18 carat gold, the crown measurements are around 28mm x 25mm x 5mm.

Intaglio rings have been immensely popular since antique times and their popularity peaked in Victorian times. It was customary for the high born to wear them as a status of political power and wealth. Nowadays the incredibly coveted carved rings are an incredible fashion statement and you don't have to be powerful in order to wear one!

The ring is available by order only. Please note that the given price of the ring is just an approximation and it does not include the price of the carving. For more information please contact us through the enquiry box on the right.


  • Intaglio Ring

    Intaglio Ring (Click to enlarge)

  • Intaglio Ring

    Intaglio Ring (Click to enlarge)


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